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The Importance of Instagram


Technology has made many sectors to grow. An example of such as sector that has immensely grown is the mass communication industry. The communication industry has devised many improved channels of communication. These channels of communication include the use of text messages, emails, direct call to name a few. These channels of communication have led to an efficient communication to far much-distanced individuals. The mass communication industry uses various methods to communicate to its audience. Examples of such methods of communication are the use of social media, newspapers, and magazines. Among the various methods of communication, social media has attracted a billion members. Social media is a communication site where people can communicate via live chat, pictures, videos, messages to name a few.


The social media has many platforms. Examples of such platforms are facebook, twitter, and Instagram. Each and every social media platform has its history and advantages. Facebook is the oldest social media platform among the other platforms. Facebook has also been noted to have more users than any other platforms. Twitter is the second oldest social media platform.


Instagram is the latest social media platform. The growth of this social media platform has surprised the world. The use of Instagram made its first appearance in 2010. This site with months captured a large number of its users. The subsequent years made it possible for this social media platform to be ranked among the first growing social media platform. Today, Instagram has over a hundred million users. Instagram is of great importance. This is the reason as for why it has attracted many users. Instagram can be used as a tool for marketing. It has been known for online marketing to win many potential customers. Businessmen have been using this social media platform to market their products and services. They have been advertising their business products and services by use of pictures and written reviews. It is easy to use  Instagram. The features in an Instagram make it possible to upload or take a photo and within no time post it for the audience to view. Visit this website at http://www.huffingtonpost.com/news/internet-marketing/ for more info about internet marketing.


Use of Instagram is fast and efficient. It is possible to scroll and get the message within no time in an Instagram. This favors people with short plans at https://grin.co/instagram-shoutout-pages/. Instagram has mostly been used by celebrities to market their artistic career. It is possible to search for reviews and photos of business and sports avenues by use of an Instagram.